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Released in March 2014, WEEP FOR AFRICA reflects Jeremy’s South African youth on farms, the racial attitudes of the times, his South African military experience, and the horrors of the bush-war in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia); and his personal insights of that struggle.

Available in hardcopy, and now also as an E-book on Kindle and Kobo.

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What was the white man thinking – well, he was not thinking – when he took their lands and kept his wealth to himself, kept it and kept it, never shared it, belittled the black South African masses and took away their simple pastoral life, a stressless life of cattle, corn, plentiful food, natural utshwala besizulu (Zulu beer), concubines; then crushed the warring impis with relative ease and imposed the white man’s diseases, rotted their teeth and systems with sugar and bad food, addled their brains with neat alcohol, enslaved them and pounded their proud lifestyle away under the yoke of colonialism and imperialism. Kept them in their huts and shanties on useless land and goaded them into attempting to match the industriousness and technical wealth that the West worships. And still now the black masters in government do the same. Hey, they picked up that trait from the old apartheid government. Keep the wealth and f#@k the masses.
So my anger, maybe it is nothing compared to the burning fire of rage in these two, for example, these two who would have made excellent foot soldiers in Cetshwayo’s or Shaka’s Zulu impis, or given my unit a run for our money in the Rhodie bush war, armed with Russian or Chinese AK-47s. READ MORE


A joint-publication (Helion Co. – UK and 30 Degrees South Publishing – S. Africa) hard-copy release. Watch these web-sites below for ordering details.

South African bookstores and chains – to advise – prior to March 2014.



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